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All natural products for beauty, weight loss, pain, and stress relief…


I once was blind but now I see…

I was suffering from toxic overload and my body was basically shutting down on me! I had to make some decisions in life and one was to leave the hospital I worked at as a nurse and tell people the truth. I started my own business to teach people how to heal naturally because the body is an invigorating miracle.

The truth is doctors go to school to treat your symptoms not cure you, that would involve loosing money. I watched drug reps offer commission for prescribing harmful meds. I watched my patients decline with ever visit. I watched their weight go up due to being prescribed things like antidepressants and steroids. My job was to keep my mouth shut and do as I was told by the doctor I worked with.

Honestly I could not take it anymore, I signed up to heal people and help them and that involved being honest. Well honestly the body can cure itself with a little help from a fasting and all natural lifestyle. Today I have my own website where I do fasting coaching and sell all natural products to help people with stress, anxiety, pain, and weight loss.

I finally feel like I am helping others! I wrote a book called Fasting 4 Life that explains how I cured cancer twice with no help from a doctor. I have cured diabetes, obesity, mental health, endometriosis, acne, inflammation, and so much more! I simply took my extensive knowledge and created my own products using natural carrier oils, essential oils, and herbs. I love talking to my customers and customizing their orders specifically for them. I love to hear success stories especially when someone comes to me and tells me a doctor couldn’t figure out what is wrong.

Knowledge is power…

Everything we spray on the skin, rub on the skin, and soak in absorbs through our pores and goes right to the bloodstream. This results in the cells we are made up of to become defective and unable to perform the job they were produced to do. Reverse cellular damage as well as aging with all natural products made from mother earths cures.

If you would like to visit my website its at I also have a website on Shopify with all my products at

If you ever have any questions or concerns about autophagy fasting ( to cure something) contact me at Stay positive, pray, and make a change starting today to better your health and live a long happy life!



I am a fun loving, motivated type of woman. I have been through a lot in my life and nothing was ever just given to me. I am a nurse, medical assistant, I also have a diploma in nutrition & aromatherapy. Who is just tired of always feeling unappreciated working for the man? Me!! I love helping others but would like it to be on my terms and what I'm most passionate about. I love researching everything about the human body and how it works, shopping and spending time with my family. When I fasted 21 days to cure cancer after refusing chemo & radiation because you can live longer with cancer cells it’s the treatments that kill people! Chemo and radiation is like being a drug addict all your life, that stuff is Mustard Gas once used in war to destroy the enemy!!! I write ebooks about the body that make it easier for others not in the field to understand, it’s all wordplay to mess with your psyche! I am also very excited about a new program I'm starting to teach kids how to run a successful online business from home. I am of course starting with my very own kids, then from there I will have it on my site available for purchase. You guessed it, I'm no different than you. Not everyone can talk so passionately about a topic in such a way that others just stop and listen. I must have psychiatrist written on my forehead because people see me coming and just pour out their inner soul. I am just fine with that because I am the face of support, encouragement, laughter, and love. Thank you for all your support as I leap into this online world journey!