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Struggling with Obesity, Disease, or Mental Health?

Toxins In Our Food Supply, Cosmetics, Water, Etc.

I realize that when your eating foods loaded with names you cant pronounce at the time you think its edible, correct? Wrong, many items labeled as healthy are not, in America companies are not required to tell you if there product contains GMO’s.

Hundreds of millions of pounds of glyphosate, a “probable human carcinogen,” are used on farmland across America every year. We are exposed to this toxic chemical in our food, air and water every day, and the EPA and FDA are not doing enough to protect us.

Obesogens are artificial chemicals believed to contribute to obesity. They are found in various food containers, baby bottles, toys, plastics, cookware and cosmetics. When these chemicals enter your body, they can disrupt its normal function and promoting fat gain.

Eating a preservative widely used in breads, baked goods and cheese may trigger metabolic responses that are linked to obesity. The additive, called propionate, is actually a naturally occurring fatty acid produced in the gut. When it’s used as an additive in processed foods, it helps prevent mold. There are many more chemicals out there being added to our food we are not researching causing many of the health issues we face on a daily basis! Companies make money off our lack of knowledge everyday and in the end we suffer greatly!

Sugar “A Disguised Drug.”

Brain scans have confirmed that intermittent sugar consumption affects the brain in ways similar to certain drugs.

“Food scientists have learned to manufacture food to make it more rewarding,” “Then they use the media, such as advertising, so they’re dangling it in front of us.”

Fasting is The Cure

When you fast your body eats up all the toxin in your body so they don’t accumulate and cause harm. Sometimes we can not catch every harmful chemical that enters our bodies but knowing how to rid it from our body is a life long superpower!! When I started fasting back in 2018 I was a mess and a walking bill board of health problems. My mental health was getting the best of me and I had a crate of medications, not a bag!! One day I decided to research the side effects discovering many of these meds were causing me to put on unnecessary pounds regardless of my weight loss efforts. Other medications were contributing to my anxiety, gut health, skin health, hair health and much more. My face was breaking out in my 30’s like what the heck, I was falling apart because I ran to a doctor ever time I had an issue.

I took myself off of all my meds and started incorporating sea moss as well as powder supplements in my smoothies. I did a 21 day fast to cure cancer but stumbled upon something much more magical, the cure!

Fasting 4 Life Survival Box

I created products to help me fast for long periods of time. You see when your suffering from obesity, disease, mental health, etc. you need to do extended fasts. It can take up to a week to remove stool from your colon after the first day of fasting. Some foods sit in our colon and we just keep eating causing fecal impaction. Just because the colon is five feet does not mean you should stuff it full!

Our ancestors went days without eating which increased their lifespans. We need doctors today due to the food we consume, our lifestyles, and environmental pollution. I would hardly call many of the products sold in the stores food but we buy them, consume them, feed them to our children, and others we love. Soon these same products will be labeled with side effects much like prescriptions. This is why we have to give our body a change to digest the what we consume and rid it from our body before consuming more so that it does not build up. Visceral fat is dangerous fat in the body we cant see and fating targets it specifically. If your trying to fast but having a hard time with stress, pain and others negativity you should purchase my survival box to power you through.

Fasting 4 Life Survival Box


I am a fun loving, motivated type of woman. I have been through a lot in my life and nothing was ever just given to me. I am a nurse, medical assistant, I also have a diploma in nutrition & aromatherapy. Who is just tired of always feeling unappreciated working for the man? Me!! I love helping others but would like it to be on my terms and what I'm most passionate about. I love researching everything about the human body and how it works, shopping and spending time with my family. When I fasted 21 days to cure cancer after refusing chemo & radiation because you can live longer with cancer cells it’s the treatments that kill people! Chemo and radiation is like being a drug addict all your life, that stuff is Mustard Gas once used in war to destroy the enemy!!! I write ebooks about the body that make it easier for others not in the field to understand, it’s all wordplay to mess with your psyche! I am also very excited about a new program I'm starting to teach kids how to run a successful online business from home. I am of course starting with my very own kids, then from there I will have it on my site available for purchase. You guessed it, I'm no different than you. Not everyone can talk so passionately about a topic in such a way that others just stop and listen. I must have psychiatrist written on my forehead because people see me coming and just pour out their inner soul. I am just fine with that because I am the face of support, encouragement, laughter, and love. Thank you for all your support as I leap into this online world journey!