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An acne tip that reverses aging…

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Did you know when you see someone with acne their bloodstream is toxic? This could be the result of the food they eat, lack of facial care, stress, environmental toxins, prescription drugs,  and so much more!! 

It’s not really that hard for the bloodstream to pick up a toxic load from the colon and distribute it throughout the body via the blood. Your skin is the largest organ on the body but the most abused and forgotten about. 

I teach others how to clean the bloodstream by fasting and this fixes the problem fairly quickly. Skin is like a sponge absorbing water, trapping toxins, and if not cleaned properly a great home for millions of bacteria good and bad. 

My tip is to clean your makeup brushes and replace them often. I always keep a second set to use while the others cleaning. I clean my brushes after each use and I replace both sets every two months because I don’t use makeup daily. 

You can paint your face over a million times but when you clean it off what are you left with? The damage of using makeup every day may not be a thought that to many ponder on but I do. Don’t ruin your natural beauty to look like everyone else on the block. These images the media portrays are false identities to you because they aren’t you. What makes you special is not something you should neglect such as your face.

I suggest checking out my boutique and grabbing an extra set of brushes!



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