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Feeling Low on Energy Levels Lately?

Ever tried to naturally boost hormones that will allow you to get things done? Due to most likely prescriptions, stress, and poor eating habits our bodies have become sluggish. You are what you eat is true can you believe it?!! Our bodies are alive and thrive off of alive nutrients such as those found in a nice fresh salad.

When we cook our food we kill nutrients the body needs and so the critical need for certain nutrients becomes even more necessary!

Let me tell you essential oils come from nature and so do our bodies. We are one with the dirt from clay we were molded and to dust, our dirt bodies will return when we depart from this world. Nature is natural just like you giving your body vitamins and minerals that it needs to perform at its best. So what I am trying to really say is when life gets you down, your in pain, overweight, or whatever else may happen don’t go to a doctor for a poison prescription. Check out my site

Balance hormones
Boost immunity
Fight off infection
Support digestion
Improve brain function
Boost energy levels
Relieve anxiety and depression
Alleviate aches and pains
Boost skin health
Boost hair health
Reduce toxicity
Relieve headaches & migraines
Relieve symptoms of insomnia

What can aromatherapy do for me??!

Well, I am so glad you asked me that question! So you have a nerve called “the olfactory nerve” and it picks up the scent from the nose and allows it to travel to the brain where it’s much needed. Due to prescriptions, stress, anxiety, drug abuse, old age, and many other factors the body gets confused.

The confusion starts making you want to eat sweets instead of veggies, your hunger hormone stops alerting your full, mental health kicks in, you start to experience chronic inflammation, etc. Once the aroma from the oil hits the pleasure center of the brain the aroma causes the brain to release hormones according to the healing ability of the oil. This could range from stress relief to boosted energy and immunity to healing a deep wound. The way the body uses these oils is really remarkable if I do say so myself. I always refer to the body as an invigorating miracle which is what my health coach site is called Invigorating Miracles.

May I introduce you to my “Good Times Good Vibes box?

One time I was so exhausted thinking “its my workout day” but I was so tired I barely felt like getting out of bed. I then used “Inspirational Energy Inhaler” and out the bed I went. I took a shower and used the “Beautiful Beginnings Salt Scrub” which give off a beautiful orange aroma you have to experience for yourself. After my shower I used the “Never Loose Focus” aromatherapy spray all over my body which felt and smelt amazing!! Finally to bring it all together I used the “Hello World” roll on everywhere I knew essential oils absorb the best.

That was a great day and to do it using all natural products that speak to my body on a level I could never understand made me feel complete. Trying new products can be a scary process because allergies do happen. The main ingredient in this box is of course orange essential oil. Make sure you always test a product on the feet to be sure of any type of outbreak. Read your ingredient list and discuss it with your healthcare provider if you are on medications.

Orange essential oil “the star of the show”

Orange oil is the essential oil of oranges, which bears the scientific name Citrus sinensis. These are extremely common fruits but the oil itself isn’t as widely known. The orange essential oil can be extracted from the peels of oranges through a process involving grain alcohol. The resultant orange oil can be used for many health issues, ranging from acne to chronic stress.

Unlike what some expect, making orange essential oil actually requires you to use the peels, not the fruit itself. Peel the oranges and allow them to dry. Grind the peels up and bring some grain alcohol up to a warm temperature on the stove. Then, pour the grain alcohol over the ground orange peels. Shake the mixture and allow it to sit for 2-3 days before straining it. Voila! Orange essential oil is ready!