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Fasting IS The Real Deal!

Fasting is not a punishment

Fasting is a way to heal from the abuse of a meal. We constantly put our bodies through torture with the crappy food choices we sometimes make. Companies don’t care about health only wealth…

They use the cheapest shortcuts possible creating completely nutrient-dense garbage & then we consume it. This stuff turns toxic like a bomb in the body that explodes in the stomach. If we don’t fast our micro villa in the colon absorbs the toxicity and distributes it throughout your body. How disgusting is that. Toxic blood overload shows in the form of acne, rashes, eczema, itchy skin and so much more. This means your skin is trying to purge the chemicals but they are trapped causing irritation.

Fasting allows the body a break from digestion so that the cells that were damaged from the chemicals in the food can be thrown out and new cells formed. Fasting is the only way the brain will replace dead brain cells and you loose them all through life, prescriptions cause them to die off at a faster rate. Fasting gives you more energy and releases heavy stressful burdens that weight you down. 

Fasting is a way to loose weight but target visceral fat which is the dangerous stuff that causes inflammation & disease. Visceral fat is made for storage its like a sponge so your body thinks holding on to this fat is helping you. You see unless you may not eat for two to four days this fat becomes dangerous. If you fast your body will use this fat for energy to get you through your day. Should you not fast this fat just continues to collect around your organs, nerves, and abdomen causing big problems! Sometimes you have to make a decision whether to live or die and it is as simple as that. I am giving you the solution better yet the cure will you not use your inner strength to exercise this incredible superpower?

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