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10 ways to stay positive during the Coronavirus…

So many emotions, what’s going to happen, how will I afford my bill’s, how can I boost my immune system??

The three biggest questions being asked in today’s society. I would at least like to give you 10 ways to stay positive that may help you with all 3 situations.

  • Exercise– getting enough exercise will help you with your weight and stress management. Be sure to also make sure your children are getting adequate exercise as well. Turn on a workout video or play an interactive game as a family.pexels-photo-3225889 Photo by Jermaine Ulinwa on[/caption]
  • Drink smoothies– right now boosting the immune system would be the wisest thing you can do. Use powder supplements the body can easily absorb when you can. If taking prescription meds please be careful with supplements speak to a doctor.pexels-photo-892615 Photo by Daria Shevtsova on[/caption]
  • Stay on top of your mental health– if your not good for yourself your not good for nobody…be patient with yourself if you’re having a tough time. Put on some relaxing music and take a lavender bath with Epsom salt & grapeseed oil, light a candle, and unwind. Keep a notebook to track your mood, eating, water intake, & workouts.pexels-photo-2821823 Photo by Madison Inouye on[/caption]
  • Be honest with all financial companies-Companies right now are aware of what’s going on in the world and really do want to help. You can’t hide create a list of your finances you can’t afford, call the companies and see what they can offer you at this time. What don’t kill you just makes you stronger so take it one day at a time! This too shall pass…pexels-photo-259200 Photo by Pixabay on[/caption]
  • Stay in touch with loved ones via phone, Skype, zoom, etc. -Now is not the time to be being upset with those you call family. Call your loved ones, check on them, tell them that you love them, and miss them. Reminisce on some good times and enjoy some great laughs! Create memories that will still last a lifetime. Being positive is the only way to be right now, for yourself & those around you!pexels-photo-4031710 Photo by Edward Jenner on[/caption]
  • Get fresh air– Fresh air is required…whether its sitting on the porch, stepping outside, or opening all your windows. We need fresh air, water, and food hence again “fresh air” to survive. Inside the home the air gets stale and that can negatively affect your mood.pexels-photo-321576 Photo by VisionPic .net on[/caption]
  • Invest in a diffuser– A diffuser & essential oils is a great way to keep your mind and body at ease without prescription drugs or in addition to. Essential oils help with pain, anxiety & weightloss.pexels-photo-2235324 Photo by Mã Minh on[/caption]
  • Keep a schedule of kids’ school information, assignment sheets, important numbers, etc– I always create my own sheet or binder for easy access to my children’s important school assignments, teachers, dates, etc. but that’s just me. Do it for your mental clarity because nothing’s more frustrating than looking for a number, name, assignment, “anything” so don’t do it to yourself.pexels-photo Photo by Gerd Altmann on[/caption]
  • Make sure everyone has a chore to do at home to keep things clean & organized– functioning mentally in a mess is dang near impossible for most people. Don’t yell every day, clean up after them, or keep reminding those kids to clean… just give them a job and a schedule. When you go to work you know your job because somebody trained you or gave you a schedule to follow and you remembered it.postit-scrabble-to-do Photo by Breakingpic on[/caption]
  • Create for yourself a support system of resources you can use if you need them– A beneficial resource list right now would be gold to the average person. At this time the world is in need of help but to have a personal list of important resources at your fingertips is only smart. Say for example you’re going over your budget and you can’t make your car payment next month. Instead of panicking you grab your list of companies that will help financially, call them up, & allow your anxiety to remain at bay. The reason for any list is always to make things easier in the end. I’d rather be smart from the very start because it also will depend on how your ending plays out…

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