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Negative Energy will feed on your soul until it’s completely destroyed!

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Trust nobody & watch everybody!

Ever feel like you been hurt by the people who swore to love & protect you? Negative energy is much more common to encounter than positive, sad I know.  Kinda like police brutality on innocent lives. People of color don’t like calling the police, being they are not really rooting for us. I don’t call my family because they are not all on team Shamara rooting for me the way I do for them. Those closest to you are the ones who are able to hurt you the most. Betrail is hurtful, embarrasing, and down right wrong nomatter who it comes from.

Family & friends be disguised as snakes and rats these days…

You need them the most, always been there for them, pray for them every night yet they don’t pick up when you call. You try to stay positive but the negative energy they direct your way is to strong. You see they just went on a shopping spree as it’s all over Facebook yet you just asked for some serious financial help.  Instead, they talk down on you to the rest of the family. Life happens to the best of us and when it does you expect those you love and trust to be a positive influence. I’ll be the first to tell you it is an extremelly gut-wrenching feeling! Good thing my mom hurt me before anybody else could so I got that bounce back!  I also forgive them to allow myself to heal but will always remember that negative mentality they showed me everyday. I tell them to keep that same energy as I enjoy my blessings…period! My brother and my children I used to think are the only people I know who wouldn’t intentionally hurt me. You see they watched me first hand become one with the struggle. They also had front row seats as I sacrificed & endured so much pain just to see them smile. I was wrong sometimes even your children have to be given restrictions when it comes to being hurtful one person can only take so much stress before they crumble like a smashed cookie.

Don’t blame the struggle…

So again, the struggle didn’t make me cold those people who turned on me did, don’t get your feelings twisted. Like I always say “the struggle love everybody” it’s that fake love that’ll mess your mind up if you allow it to. Negative energy is out here causing people to hate,  be envious, steal, cheat, etc. Today I embrace my struggles they made me aware, strong, and an overachiever. I believe nothing people tell me and trust no man. I do my own research and trusting only myself has gotten me a further distance than anybody I ever met has. When you find what works for you and has helped you reach your goals, stick with it.
This is why I’m here to let you know you don’t need them, blood or not if they’re stressing you best believe its depressing you! Move past it and love them from a distance.
Feeling “used” lately?
Life already shoots its shots so miss me with your bs…🙄